Sunday, July 09, 2006

Fantastic Tales

Whilst reading about nigromantic swords and aeromancy-pyromancy, I had cause to reflect on my need for fiction. By all accounts I am a reasonable man, then why read the tales fantastic? Surely, argues the realist, there is enough drama, wonder and the unexpected in the real world. After all, truth is stranger than fiction, the books assure us. Personally, this doesn't compile for me. Between waking up in the mornings, making my cheerful way to office, rejoicing in my project plans, enthusing in the project meetings, delighting in my coding and marvelling over the Work-Breakdown-Strcutures, I am unable to relate to that statement.

Yet, I perceive, others to be not so affected. They seem perfectly capable in their ability to find the magic in the mundane. A stronger man than I would probably choose to do something about it. Unfortunately, I am a weak sort of person, very comfortable in my lack of imagination. I prefer to have someone else imagine an appropriate sort of place with a few swords, maidens needing rescue and maybe a dragon or two. Then, go visit.


Joy Ghosh said...

"others to be not so affected" -- remember the movie matrix?? u need to be have some form of awakening to realize that u r in a "repeat all" mode of life... and so i dont think people are happy with the miracle on mundane life.. but only that they dont realize, that it doesnt have to always stay like that!! that there can be something more... that they can lead life by choice.. and not by mere chance...

"you can never be who you want to be, if you think you are who you are" -- another line to make us think how sometimes people give in to the established notions and impressions of self.. sometimes self-conceived and sometimes imposed by people around... and then they silence the voice within which could propel us to come out of our shell to turn into a beautiful butterfly.. and fly far far away into a world full of colors u only imagined :D

for you my friend.. the journey has just begun!!

Abhishek Datta said...

You mistake my defence of reading fantastic fiction with an intent to change my own circumstance.

But then it's an observation you made with your knowledge of my future plans. You are hereby awarded lifetime first-use privileges of the Retiring Room coffee machine for being the first to post a (non-spam) comment. Congratulations. And thank you.

Joy Ghosh said...

and i am honored :)