Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Fable

Once upon time, it is pretty difficult to get off.The creature has a blinkered belief in linear progression. It is using the artifice of refined reflection that it is possible to look behind (in a mirror darkly?) and see the summers past and the sweet bird of youth, as it drops furlong furlong behind us.

This is the story of Thelonius Anthropus.

You see Onny (as his friends called him, lovingly he hoped) was ambivalent. This is different from using both one's hands to do tricks or the more sinister schizoid, whose one hand does not know what the other is doing.

Onny's problem was he was painfully aware what his other half was doing. He was one of our young men who oscillate between the rogue and the saint.

One day he was walking down the street when he heard the skies say,
"Hey you, who walk with a thousand eyes upon you, Hark!"
Or so he would have heard if the Universe had a better sense of style.
Instead what he did hear was "What's up Doc ?".

Sometimes a cue is all man needs and Thelonius drew in his moisture and declaimed :
" I am a free man. Or so I would like to believe. Free in thought and action. I dream of a place. A place of unfettered fetishes and erotic euphoria, smell of musk, leather, sawdust, cooking meat, baking bread, sweet, sharp custard, sex, earth, grass and a curious no-smell. Bedecked with dimpled dew, heather and the leaf, honey and Johnson's Baby oil. Pregnant with buried treasures, flowing with scented waters, cavorting in joyous embrace,the skies and the wind. The scream, song, fusion, froth, crescendo, cadence, thrash, thump, glory, guts ..", when the Flower-pot which had begun it's journey from a third floor window towards it's resting place in the Good Earth, was rudely interrupted by Onny's Noggin.

"I warned the man" rumbled the Skies.

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