Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Small Matter Of Coffee Machines

I have found it convenient and effective to be fatalistic about certain things. When those said things turn out for the worst, one gets, if nothing else, a bitter satisfaction from having "got it right". One such thing is the ubiquitous coffee machine in offices. Each time, a new coffee machine is introduced, I am of the opinion that it's production is superior to that which existed before. I am also certain that the next coffee-machine would be better still.

I have lately come to the realization that it has probably little to do with the creativity and otherwise ingenuity of the machine manufacturers. It is a sad fact every machine that has stood within office walls, no matter how fine, is ultimately laid low by a curious infection. It is caused, I would surmise, by improper intake of water, wide variation in diet with unbalanced proportions of beans, milk and flavors. And, not so much lack of enthusiasm but a cheerful incompetence on the part of the health-workers. The results of the malaise varies; from water, with a spot of milk, to lighter fluid. Small surprise then, that the a new machine should taste better. The older one has passed on to Happy Coffee Grounds.

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