Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dark Portraiture

you are the common man,
an unpardonable offence,
conformation (unwilling?),
has hardened your glassy essence,

a family (congratulations),
to your credit,
a house of your own,
two point three kids,

escape the trenches?
can you take a hit?
what good reflection?
the moving finger's writ,

deny the small part,
deny your age,
deny we are actors,
and the world's a f***ing stage,

solace in denial,
take all you will friend,
self-pity maybe a flexible bullet
but it gets you in the end.

Afterword: There is an empirical study that suggests that a prolonged lack of the sun, produces manic depression in humans. Towards a partial extenuation, I submit that this poem was written about three months into the worst winter that Delhi has ever seen. Before you dismiss this hypothesis, remember that angst is a Scandinavian word.

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