Monday, June 19, 2006

Quantum Kookiness Redux

One of the more kookier sites I visited, advertises certain workshops on something called Quantum Hypnosis.

This variant of hypnosis (they claim) is derived from the belief that everything is ultimately a product of consciousness. The premise is established by some of the most specious and convoluted mish-mash of pseudo-science I have ever read. I thought it was very clever, but then I love science-fiction.

The essentials of their argument is this - Quantum Mechanics states that we cannot completely measure and predict events at the atomic level. Instead we can only speak in terms of probabilities. The question is (paraphrasing Schrodinger's description of the Cat-In-the-Box experiment) : "When and how does the model of many microscopic possibilities resolve itself into a particular macroscopic state?". In other words, at what point do we move from Quantum Mechanics to Common Sense?

The Kooky Site would have me believe that it is "conscious observation that causes real events to happen". They would have me believe that when I perceive a wasp, the wasp is resolved from a sea of potentialities to stick it's pointy end into my face (the pain!).

They proceed from this premise to claim that - Since the consciousness is the crystallizer of Reality, control of the consciousness (achieved through their mail-in order brochure) is the way to the Superman. Shades of Matrix.

Must add that this theory of The Conscious Observer is not theirs. Bohr proposed it. Einstein didn't agree to it(God and Dice Reaction). It actually has an impressive name too - it's called the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.

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Joy Ghosh said...

brilliant! i am going to usher some of my other friends out here now :))